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Рады представить Вам нашего эксперта – мистер Джон Кир.

Этот человек долгое время проработал в сфере морской контейнерной логистики в Европе. В то же время он всегда был связан с Россией как в профессиональном, так и в духовном смысле. Сейчас он продолжает собирать и анализировать информацию о мировой интермодальной логистике. Мистер Джон Кир любезно согласился предоставлять нам еженедельные обзоры самых свежих транспортных новостей. Образный и яркий язык этого человека непросто перевести на русский язык, поэтому просим Вас знакомиться с аналитикой на английском языке оригинала.

Спасибо Вам за понимание.

05.04.2017 RLL Container Report - 05 April 2017
In the middle of March, representatives from eleven countries met in Delhi to discuss how to improve cross-border rail services stretching from Turkey in the west to Myanmar (Burma) in the east. Delegates from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey discussed the establishment of a seamless rail corridor linking Istanbul in the west with Yangon (Rangoon) in the east. The newly restored rail lines in the Caucasus will bring Turkey’s megacity on the Bosphorus closer to the capitals of Iran and Pakistan. The next phase of the ambitious construction plan should extend the line to Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). Delegates discussed not only missing sections of rail line but also the equally important question of operational and non-physical barriers inhibiting the extension of the existing rail infrastructure.

29.03.2017 RLL Container Report - 29 March 2017
Kazakhstan is the latest country to take advantage of the opening of the rail line from Iran via Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey and from there on to Europe. It is reckoned that by 2020, the Kazakhs could be moving up to 300,000 teu through the Caspian Sea port of Kurik to Azerbaijan and from there along the Caucasian rail corridor to Turkey. By the end of this year, the new Caspian port is scheduled to be up and running which will allow the Kazakhs to tap into a large potential traffic flow. It is estimated that the 15 most westerly provinces in China could generate an annual flow of 800,000 teu to Europe. This cargo flow could be switched from the longer deep-sea routes to the shorter and faster overland rail option.

22.03.2017 RLL Container Report - 22 March 2017
So far, the Government of Azerbaijan has invested USD 630 million in the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway that will link Iran to Eastern Turkey and from there on to the market of 500 million consumers that make up the European Union. After several delays, the project is slowly but surely coming to its conclusion and posterity might show that this was money well spent, for Azerbaijan has got two strategically-important transport corridors for the price of one. By the time the first container train trundles along the line from Baku via Tbilisi to Kars and beyond, Iranian Railway engineers should have completed the missing link that will complete the rail corridor from Teheran to Astara at Azerbaijan’s border with the Islamic Republic. From Astara, container block trains will pass through the Azeri capital and from there either north to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, or west via Georgia and Turkey to the European Union. In the space of a few months, the Caucasian republic will have been catapulted from semi-obscurity to being one of the most important intermodal rail hubs linking Europe with the Middle East and beyond.

15.03.2017 RLL Container Report - 15 March 2017
At the same time as Iran improves transport links with Central Asia and Siberia, Teheran has its eyes firmly fixed on a very large potential market of over 200 million customers on its doorstep comprising Western Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic Republics and Poland. As with Central Asia, Iran has a large potential clientele for its agricultural products within a radius of less than 3,000 km from Astara. This translates to a journey time by refrigerated block trains of a few days from the border crossing between Iran and Azerbaijan to Moscow. All other major producers of winter fruit and vegetables will face far longer delivery times and much higher transport costs compared with competitor suppliers situated on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea.

08.03.2017 RLL Container Report - 08 March 2017
In the past two years, Iranian engineers have been restoring rail connections with its various neighbours. Pakistan resurrected the rail connection via its border station at Quetta with the neighbouring Iranian town of Zahedan. The train carried mainly cement, a commodity which is in great demand as Iran opens up its economy. There is also talk of connecting Pakistan’s proposed super port at Gwadar with the Iranian port of Chabahar. Just to the north of Zahedan lies Iran’s border with Afghanistan, where the two countries plan to construct a double-track line connecting Khaf in Iran with Herat, the third largest city in Afghanistan. The new line is scheduled to open next year but already Iranian engineers have laid their track right up to the Afghan border. According to estimates, the new line will triple the volume of trade between the two countries.

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