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Рады представить Вам нашего эксперта – мистер Джон Кир.

Этот человек долгое время проработал в сфере морской контейнерной логистики в Европе. В то же время он всегда был связан с Россией как в профессиональном, так и в духовном смысле. Сейчас он продолжает собирать и анализировать информацию о мировой интермодальной логистике. Мистер Джон Кир любезно согласился предоставлять нам еженедельные обзоры самых свежих транспортных новостей. Образный и яркий язык этого человека непросто перевести на русский язык, поэтому просим Вас знакомиться с аналитикой на английском языке оригинала.

Спасибо Вам за понимание.

12.02.2014 RLL Container Report - 12 February 2014
Recent data point to an upturn in the global economy as industrial output starts to gain traction in the major economies. The International Monetary Fund forecasts higher growth in the USA, UK and parts of the EU. This, in turn, will result in higher container imports as consumption once again rises. The car industry has already reported clear signs of an upturn with annual car sales in America registering a 7.6 percent rise for a year-end total of 15.6 million vehicles. Further evidence of an upturn came from the two largest ports on the US West Coast, where Long Beach notched up an impressive 11.3% increase in container throughput for 2013. Long Beach’s total of 6.73 million was bettered by local rival, Los Angeles with 7.87 million and an eleven percent increase in box traffic in December.

05.02.2014 RLL Container Report - 05 February 2014
Russian rail intermodal operators are about to become the unexpected beneficiaries of a major regeneration in rail transport, which is taking place in S E Asia. Countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma) urgently need to upgrade their national rail systems, most of which date back to the beginning of the 1900’s. At the same time, more developed economies, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand wish to shift heavy and dangerous goods away from roads and on to rail. Together, these seven states in S E Asia have a population of 272 million and form an attractive market for exporters further north. Indonesia, with 229 million inhabitants, lies only a short distance from the Island state of Singapore and is well connected by frequent feeder services.

29.01.2014 RLL Container Report – 29 January 2014
In the first 11 months of 2013, container traffic in China rose by 7.3 % to 173 million teu, of which 155 million passed through Chinese seaports. By November, the monthly throughput at all ports had risen to 14.7 million teu, a large proportion of which is destined for Europe. To cope with the upsurge in container traffic, ports in the Baltic region are investing heavily in upgrading terminal facilities. By the end of 2013, container capacity at the BSC Terminal in Kaliningrad will have been expanded to 260,000 teu. A second phase of expansion will increase total annual capacity at the Russian Baltic port to 400,000 teu. To serve the growing traffic via the south Baltic port, Unifeeder announced it will call at Kaliningrad on its services from Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

22.01.2014 RLL Container Report – 22 January 2014
As the venerable poet noted, schemes both great and small have a nasty habit of going wrong. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal and it had been planned to open later this year the upgraded transport artery, capable of accepting 12,000 teu vessels. This represents a major improvement on the 5,000 teu vessels which currently traverse from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.

20.01.2014 RLL Container Report – 15 January 2014

Not yet half way through the first month of the New Year and already “Vedomosti” has posed a critical question that will determine both the direction and the pace of containerisation in Russia not only for 2014 but also for the rest of the decade. This year, Fesco plans to ship up to one million tons of grain from Russia to Japan. Indeed, the line already arranged a trial shipment of 2,500 tons via Vladivostok in the last month of 2013. This could be the first of a large number of regular shipments of agricultural products from the Eastern part of Russia to Japan. Japanese banks are keen to invest heavily in cultivating a range of products in addition to grain in the arable lands of Primorski krai and Amurskaya оblast.

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