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Рады представить Вам нашего эксперта – мистер Джон Кир.

Этот человек долгое время проработал в сфере морской контейнерной логистики в Европе. В то же время он всегда был связан с Россией как в профессиональном, так и в духовном смысле. Сейчас он продолжает собирать и анализировать информацию о мировой интермодальной логистике. Мистер Джон Кир любезно согласился предоставлять нам еженедельные обзоры самых свежих транспортных новостей. Образный и яркий язык этого человека непросто перевести на русский язык, поэтому просим Вас знакомиться с аналитикой на английском языке оригинала.

Спасибо Вам за понимание.

19.03.2014 RLL Container Report - 19 March 2014
When travelling through the oldest stations on the London Underground, passengers using the “tube” are politely reminded to “mind the gap” between the edge of the platform and the entrance to the carriage. It might be advisable to have a similar message blare out over the public address system at Sheremetevo and other Russian airports. “Mind the gap in the Russian container system”. This particular logistical gap is caused by the lack of a suitable tank container depot on the territory of the Russian Federation, which can inspect, clean, repair, modify and obtain approval for a wide range of tank containers carrying hazardous liquid cargoes on the RZD network.

12.03.2014 RLL Container Report - 12 March 2014
Norway is blessed with a long, spectacular and ice-free coastline. Its stunningly attractive fjords are celebrated in song and are visited each year by hundreds of cruise vessels. Unfortunately, these very same fjords make it impossible to run a railway line or main highway from the south to the north of the country. Instead, Norway has to call upon the assistance of its neighbours to provide road and rail access to ports such as Narvik, Tromso and Kirkenes. For example, regular freight services from the capital, Oslo to Narvik make use of the Swedish rail network as far as Kiruna before making a dash over the border (and back out of the European Union) to the deep water port at Narvik. In return, the Norwegians allow the Swedes to run regular iron ore trains from Northern Sweden to Narvik, from where this valuable cargo is distributed all over the globe.

07.03.2014 RLL Container Report - 05 March 2014
Brazilian commodities giant Cosan is to merge its supply-chain arm, Rumo Logistica, with America Latina Logistica (ALL) to create Latin America’s largest railway and logistics company valued at USD4.7 Billion. Rumo has vast experience in the highly competitive sugar market and operates a large terminal in the port of Santos with a capacity of 12 million tons per annum. America Latina will contribute to the joint venture 12,000 experienced staff and a rail network totalling 13,000 kilometres in six states, which account for 80% of Brazil`s exports. As football fans are about to discover, Brazil has a poor road network, so the combination of a large rail network and ownership of a large terminal facility should enable Cosan to get its produce to the global market both quickly and more cost-effectively.

26.02.2014 RLL Container Report - 26 February 2014
Los Angeles in Southern California is the focal point for a metropolitan area, which is home to 13 million inhabitants, making it the second largest conurbation in the USA after New York. Los Angeles County is also home to some 6 million cars and over 1 million trucks, which have to compete with the 1.26 million teu that each month pass through the sister ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach leading to congestion on the freeways that slice through the metropolis in the Sunshine State. However, as Albert Hammond observed, when it rains in Southern California, it pours down and the whole place comes to a standstill. Coincidentally, the forecast for Los Angeles this Friday, 28February is 68mm of rain.

19.02.2014 RLL Container Report - 19 February 2014
In the Russian Museum in St Petersburg hangs a portrait of a knight standing at a crossroads. Seated on a mighty steed and dressed in full armour, the knight holds his lance in one hand and the reins in the other. Before him is a large stone bearing an inscription, which roughly translated means: "If you ride to the left, you will lose your horse, if you ride to the right, you will lose your head." Like the noble knight, major transport operators are now faced with the momentous choice of which direction they must take.

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