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Рады представить Вам нашего эксперта – мистер Джон Кир.

Этот человек долгое время проработал в сфере морской контейнерной логистики в Европе. В то же время он всегда был связан с Россией как в профессиональном, так и в духовном смысле. Сейчас он продолжает собирать и анализировать информацию о мировой интермодальной логистике. Мистер Джон Кир любезно согласился предоставлять нам еженедельные обзоры самых свежих транспортных новостей. Образный и яркий язык этого человека непросто перевести на русский язык, поэтому просим Вас знакомиться с аналитикой на английском языке оригинала.

Спасибо Вам за понимание.

11.06.2014 RLL Container Report - 11 June 2014
Some sixty kilometers to the south of Chicago lies Centerpoint Intermodal Center, one of the biggest private developments ever undertaken in the United States. With a total investment of USD 1 Billion and covering 10 square kilometers, a state-of-the-art intermodal and industrial business park was built on the site of the former Joliet Arsenal. One of America’s biggest rail companies, BNSF constructed a large intermodal park occupying an area of 3 square kilometers, next to which is a business park with over 1.8 million square meters of industrial and distribution facilities. In addition to Burlington Northern Railway, Union Pacific, Wal-Mart Stores, DSC Logistics, Georgia Pacific, Potlatch, Sanyo Logistics, Partners Warehouse, California Cartage and Maersk have all taken up residence at the giant intermodal facility.

04.06.2014 RLL Container Report - 04 June 2014
With a combined population of more than 25 million, London and Paris constitute the two largest metropolitan areas in the European Union. This was one of the driving forces to link the two capitals via a high-speed rail link connected by the Channel Tunnel. Contrary to many doubters, the high-speed rail connection proved to be a great success. Furthermore, both capital cities are expected to witness a sharp rise in population: London alone is projected to add another million inhabitants in the next decade. To cope with this vast influx of humanity, London has embarked on Crossrail, Europe’s largest construction project.

28.05.2014 RLL Container Report - 28 May 2014
As Hanjin drops out of the Russia-Finland feeder service, so the Korean’s place is taken by China Shipping Container lines (CSCL). The Russia-Finland feeder service will now be served by the 1.216 teu Lantau Arrow, which will join two other vessels on the run connecting various terminals in Hamburg, Kotka and St Petersburg. Also in the Baltic region, the Maltese owners of Baltic Container Terminal are to invest Euro 20 million in raising box capacity at the Riga facility by one third to 600,000 teu. Currently, BCT dominates the local terminal market handling around seventy percent of the port’s total throughput. Last year, Riga port processed 381,000 teu with seven out of ten units passing through BCT.

21.05.2014 RLL Container Report - 21 May 2014
Statistics for container throughput via Russian Far East ports in the first quarter of the year provide a useful insight into how the region is developing. The first point to note is that container handlings rose by 6.1% to 358.600 teu. As usual, Vladivostok led the way in the first quarter with 183,600 teu but Vostochny is increasing its throughput at a faster pace (10.1% compared with 4.3%) to bring it comfortably over the 100,000 teu mark with 18,000 teu to spare. Recently, Vostochny announced ambitious expansion plans, while Vladivostok struggles to find space in its cramped city centre environs to keep pace with a rapidly changing transport market.

14.05.2014 RLL Container Report - 14 May 2014
It is often assumed that the Russian word for station “Вокзал” (Vokzal) is derived from a station of the same name in London. Although this explanation seems highly plausible, it is in fact chronologically wrong by a quarter of a century. Alexander Pushkin used the word “voksal” in his poem “To Natalie” written in 1813:”На гуляньях иль в воксалах”. What Pushkin and a whole host of Romantic Poets were referriing to was, in fact, a hugely popular attraction, namely Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, which satisfied the demands of the populace for something more entertaining than the serious tomes churned out by the Rationalist philosophers on the other side of the Channel.

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